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Dark Shadows Jahnna N. Malcolm

Dark Shadows

Jahnna N. Malcolm

Published July 10th 1995
ISBN : 9780006750512
192 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the Cancer book. I believe one of the traits on the back of the book was Caring. One of my sisters is a Cancer, so this book, too, was of interest.Chloe is in a home for troubled kids. I put in quotation marks because from what I recollect it wasnt a house for those who have drug problems, but those underwent something traumatic and have trouble adjusting, or children who have trouble living amongst normal society. A girl is agoraphobic, another (Eric) was burnt in a fire and ostracized by society. Chloe herself lost her mother at a young age after her parents divorced. Her life and routine of taking care of the plants is jarred when her older brother, Skip, comes and gets her out of the home. Since her doctor recommends and encourages it, she follows, but is intensely. The home wants to have a halfway house in the city/town, but there is opposition. A series of thefts occurs, as well as the appearance of a mysterious gardener around Chloes neighborhood. The kids of the home get accused and this moves into thoughts and actions of trying to prove their innocence. I put a 5-star because of the creativity in this story, and how Malcolm shows another side of family without the expected norm of parents, and two siblings trying to reacquaint themselves.