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Blood Challenge Eileen Wilks

Blood Challenge

Eileen Wilks

Published January 4th 2011
ISBN : 9781101476680
480 pages
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 About the Book 

This series is a relatively new discovery to me. I actually only read the first book of the series, Tempting Danger, in October of 2010! But it was love at first sight for me. Right after I closed Tempting Danger I called one bookstore, visited two other used bookstores, and even hit up the library looking for the second book so I could jump into it immediately. Alas, my little town sucks and I had to order it and wait for it to arrive. But finally the rest of the series came in and I got to read them all. I actually just finished the last book, Blood Magic, before starting this one. So, needless to say, everything is very fresh in my mind.This book is not one that I would recommend reading as a standalone. The events that these characters experience and the way the relationships have evolved are only really appreciated when read in order. The series slowly layers with each book and the payoff really comes from taking the journey with the characters.Once again we’re following Rule and Lily’s journey. There is a surprising (but welcome) secondary romance included as well, and I hope we’ll eventually get a whole book devoted to them like we did with the other secondary couple. I was a little afraid that the secondary romance would leave me unsatisfied as it did previously, but I was actually really happy with it.Benedict and Arjenie were very intriguing to read about. Benedict has always been something of an enigma to me, so I was thrilled when I turned a page and realized it was starting to focus on him. The glimpses I have seen of him while reading about Rule—and his tough past with his Chosen--made his terror at the prospect of another connection very compelling. Paired with Arjenie’s babbling about interesting facts and her overall cute personality, there was no way I couldn’t like them together.Rule and Lily continue along the taboo path that they chose at the end of the fifth book, Mortal Sins. Not everyone is pleased for them, and Lily and Rule have both been receiving threats. In addition to this, something has happened to endanger the public opinion of the lupi.I find myself more and more fascinated with the lupi world. The way everything is starting to tie together and the importance of the Chosen is keeping me glued to this series. I really love the world that this author has created and don’t understand why I don’t hear about her more often.I loved getting to see more of the other clans, and I was thrilled to get a deeper look at Isen. At times Lily’s black and white view of her role as an agent of the law irritated me, but I guess she wouldn’t be who she was without that attitude. I’m pleased that even though Lily and Rule run into personality conflicts during their relationship they never turn it into unnecessary drama. The realness of their relationship and the normal way they work on their problems is one of my favorite parts of the series.The end of this book had my mouth gaping. Finally we learned more about the prophecy that has been hinted about, but it just led to a bigger surprise. I am shocked (but thrilled) by this development and cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!Favorite Quote:Why did you want me flustered or annoyed?His mouth turned wry. The same reason I would have pulled your hair a few decades ago. Or turned cartwheels, or lifted something impressively heavy.You wanted my attention. Delighted, she propped her chin on one hand, elbow on the table, so she could look straight at him. Okay. Youve got it.He hesitated. I think Im flustered.Review originally posted on Fiction Vixen