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Roman Numbers Michael Blekhman

Roman Numbers

Michael Blekhman

Published April 9th 2011
ISBN : 9781936916009
204 pages
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 About the Book 

Roman Numbers is a novel by Michael Blekhman, an author living in Montreal, Canada. It is about living in the Soviet Ukraine in the early 50s of the 20tht century. The novel is another story of the Blekhman family saga, begun in Blekhmans Reflection. Roman Numbers is a lyrical narration about the life of a young family who comes to a Ukrainian village to work. The main characters are Klara, a young lawyer, her husband Samuil, a young doctor, as well as their friends embodying the best features of the Ukrainian nation. Roman Numbers is joy, melancholy, humor. It is full of metaphors, deep thoughts about life and happiness, about a young childs growing up. As a literary critic said, such a poetic description of Ukraine was made in the 19th century by classics Shevchenko and Gogol, and by Blekhman in the 21st century.