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The Final Assault: A Novel About Finishing the Task Steven Smith

The Final Assault: A Novel About Finishing the Task

Steven Smith

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Christopher Owen pastors a small church in Los Angeles. His life has settled into the mundane of a maintenance mentality. In a time of reflection he ponders the question: Why cant life be more like a quest? Suddenly his world and that of Church in the City are rattled as he stumbles upon an ancient mystery that has confronted the worldwide church for ages -- how to finish the task of world missions and live in that last generation -- the one that welcomes Christs return.Learning the lessons from his parents and grandparents from World War II, Christopher and his group adopt a wartime mentality to prepare the way for the King of Kings to return. In this spiritual war, no price is too great and no destination too remote as they rally disciples and churches worldwide in this final assault on the enemys ground.But the enemy is bitterly entrenched and determined to the end. Intrigue, intimidation, charades, counter-attacks and power-plays mark this age-old adversary and his human minions as he battles the Kingdom Preparation Force. A centuries-old secret society and highest level politicians unite to thwart the advance of this growing mission force.Too fantastic to be real, yet this is a realistic picture of the end times of Revelation and what it will cost the church to finish the task of the Great Commission. With 3,674 people groups YET to be reached with the gospel, the Kingdom Preparation Force realizes that the disobedience of a church with a peacetime mentality has prevailed for too many centuries, resulting in so many that have yet to hear the name of Jesus.The final finish line of finishing the task is in sight. Other generations before have missed the finish line. What will it take to finish? Nothing less than total mobilization for war for the whole Bride of Christ. Yet, with His help, it is do-able. Step by step the KPF assaults the enemys territory so that nothing stands between them and Christs return.