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Aline Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz


Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz

Published 1983
102 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ramuzs first novel, from 1905. It is a deceptively gentle story - readers may have to search at first for the darker undertones that will slowly build as the story progresses. As the title suggest, this is the story of Aline, a young girl from a small lakeside village. She falls in love with the local mayors son, and at first he seems to be interested in her as well.Its a novel about injustice really, done simply, with a fair dose of pragmatism, but it is quite provocative in its own way. Perhaps the most in the sense that for a first novel, Ramuz focuses so intensely on the female perspective. The style is remarkably straightforward considering how much more complex Ramuzs writing would become.