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Letters To Chloe Stefan Gerrard

Letters To Chloe

Stefan Gerrard

ISBN : 9780352330215
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 About the Book 

Good clean prose, undisguised eroticism. A highly erotic exploration of a sexually masochistic womans desires and memories. One of the best of the more modern writers of erotica, comparable to the Olympia Press classics.[Spoilers possible from here!]At first blush, the reader might be tempted to decide that the book is an imitation of The Story of O. And indeed, there is no denying that there are many features which are obviously adapted from that earlier novel. But I would argue that it is not merely a fan tribute, but what Hollywood and TV likes to call a re-imagining of the basic story. Letters to Chloe is what some of us might wish The Story of O had been.The story and locations are better fleshed out, the characters more human, but most important of all, Chloe, unlike O is a lively participant in all that happens to her and shows a degree of spirit and enthusiasm for her numerous trials. In addition, there are many flashbacks to her past that illustrate her own rather mischievous masochism, such as when she turns the tables upon a perverted female teacher by being far too enthusiastically submissive and cooperative.Chloe is definitely not passive, and responds to the clips upon her nipples and the crops laid across her bottom in colorful and sometimes amused terms. We get the sense that she relishes it all with a gusto that makes O look wan in comparison.The SM sex itself is varied and lively, including very intimate and kinky auditions for a sports club membership, erotic watery adventures in high school, an interesting variation on the horse, discussions on and actual body modification, varied and interesting genital encounters with nettles, an electrifying version of Kegel exercises, and much more as she undergoes a Château-like training. There are of course corsets and elaborate costumes to go with the games as well.But again unlike O she is rarely restrained or tied, and Chloe is immensely proud of her ability to submit and endure the many trials, including a very detailed process of lengthening and freeing her clitoris which of course is deliciously painful - and stimulating.Chloe does not suffer alone, and there are many interesting diversions into the experiences of other women, both fellow trainees and instructors.Best of all, the ending reveals none of the bleak hopelessness of O and is clearly just the beginning of her adventures, with the choices left entirely in her hands.I have rarely enjoyed an erotic (BDSM) book more than this one. I hope you will try it and enjoy it too.