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She Did It For A Gangsta 2 Nyerere Jase

She Did It For A Gangsta 2

Nyerere Jase

Published January 10th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Gangsta Jake immediately thrusts you into the middle of a South Central Los Angeles community in the middle of a high-speed chase. With sirens screaming overhead, he waste no time devising a deadly plan to elude the LAPD officers who are hot on his trail.Racing through the streets of Los Angeles, brushing with death, Gangsta Jake audaciously freed himself from being apprehended with a hail of gunfire, adding cop killer to his resume.With the help of his fellow gang members, Gangsta Jake manages to escape California, travels through Texas, and ends up in New Orleans, Louisiana, leaving a trail of bullet casings and blood in his wake. At the rate hes traveling, only two things can happen—death or death row.Kindle: https://goo.gl/9RjtxbNook: https://goo.gl/amZ00A