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Grey Gold and Green Gerald Crook

Grey Gold and Green

Gerald Crook

Published November 29th 2013
Kindle Edition
241 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Mars final day at Liqchems Chemical Company was being celebrated at the local dance club Once Scene, tomorrow she flies out of Heathrow to start her solo travel around the world.As she walked into the main bar with her best friend Jude at her side, they met their dear friend Nobby at the bar. Nobby greeted them with a big smile and hugged them both, he bought Mars and Jude a drink and led them to their group of friends, all the girls from the office and some of the men from the factory whistled and cheered as they joined the boisterous bunch.Two seats were set aside for Mars and Jude, everyone was in good spirits, the club was buzzing with excitement, the lads were messing about as usual and teasing the girls.Ding Ding got up and paraded his nice new clothes I look good in this dont I?Yes, but I think a hood over your head would have worked better replied Wendy. Ding Ding smiled and added I have to work hard to make myself less attractive to women. Wendy replied Well let me reassure you, you dont need to work so hard.Poor Carolyn looked a bit sad whats up said Mars. Look at me, look at my dress! Said a dismayed Carolyn I was up at the bar and this girl spilt drink down my dress, honestly I could have stepped on her foot. Ah Let me see said Mars. Carolyn unfolded her arms, Mars looked at the disaster scene and then turned to Doug youre the expert on chemical stains Doug he took an over long gaze at Carolyns cleavage, and then at the nearby stain and replied youre in luck Ive got a clean handkerchief, I can soak that under the tap and I can rub it clean enthused Doug. Will that do it? Frowned Mars. Well itll do it for me smiled Doug.The lads got up and drifted off to the bar. Stu turned to Howard did you go weight training last night? Yeah confirmed Howard I saw Whistle down there, he stood out a mile, the back of his gym shirt reads, Give me strength. Stu smiled and said Seen anything you fancy Howard. Not yet Stu, what about you? are you hoping to score tonight? yeh Im looking for slow sex with a fast woman. Whistle was left behind on his stool, but jumped up and raced ahead when his date turned up.Lyn turned to Wendy so where did Whistle meet her? I dont know, but I think youll find her telephone number on the back of a loo door. Bless him, he can see love stars, he told me that when she gets close a waft of chanel number 5 fills the air and he feels faint. I could smell it and I thought it smelt like chanel number 2. But hes happy, for years hes been saying Ive got lots to offer but nobody wants it. Hes so pleased that hes found somebody that wants itJude asked Sally are you going to Jim’s birthday party? No gasped Sally not unless a dog chases me there!Mars pulled Nobby by his arm Hey Nobby can we get everyone on the dance floor? Yeh, Im on the case, Dolly Dimps has asked me to request a song. Mars looked surprised Oh which song has she requested. Nobby returned a smile and after a pause replied Bobs your wally. Mars lifted her eyebrows Never heard of it, how does it go? Nobby composed himself and sung Bobs your wally du du du Bobs your wally. They danced the night away.The story begins as Mars returned from her world trip.